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If you’ve been reading along, we’ve been practicing some of the things that can happen when you take a conscious breath. Yesterday I shared how to find the steady energy of self trust so you can go deeper into your exploration of the Self while sitting in uncertainty. Today I will share a snapshot of how we can dialogue with our somatic and affective signals to go even deeper.

In my last Mystery & Mastery gathering, we tuned into the Brilliant System, and someone immediately felt “a bullet in [her] heart.” Instead of trying to dislodge it, we welcome it and ask it why it’s there / what message it brings to us. So as not to stimulate the mind too much, I keep the questions playful. When we connect with the Brilliant System, we stir the #imagination instead: “If the bullet could talk, what would it say?”

The answer came: “That I can love in spite of all this pain.” To be honest, this response only partly pinged me, meaning I felt it was true for her on one level, but knew there was still a deeper truth available in that moment. I prefer for clients to come to their own discoveries directly for themselves, so I simply guided her to resonate that answer with breath and intention through her entire body, head to toe while asking herself “Is this my truth?” The answer was immediate: “No.”

Whenever we get a new answer, like a turning of the tide or a new flow, it’s important not only to start tracking it, but to find its point of origin so we can learn something about how we know what we know. “How do you know this? Where did you feel the answer?” “My gut.”

So here we start to understand how the three centers of learning—head, heart, and gut—can provide us very different kinds of knowing. When we sink into the gut, as I had her do in the moment, we can feel the difference. Looking at her, we could also see the difference in her entire body as her energy settled into a more rooted understanding of her issue. I knew there was no need to have her voice what the gut was saying.

The gut is like that: wordless and very settled (and settling for the rest of the system) in its certainty. Next up, how we were led to connect all three centers of learning using—what else?—breath, intention, and (surprise! for me at least) our pillar of light.


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