Continuing with our investigation and experiencing of what it really means to “take a conscious breath,” today we’re practicing how to work with the mind so we can begin tapping into our other centers of knowing.

After we take our first conscious breaths, turning inward, really holding (not rushing to release) what triggers us in our expansiveness, getting to know the energetic pattern of that disharmonious flow on a subtle, energetic level (ie, not jumping to the intellectualized reasoning of why you do what you do), then we can begin to tap into our centers of knowing.

Sometimes, but rarely, we might get an immediate thought, memory, or association in answer to our question of “Why is this showing up for me?” You will know it’s true by how it feels. If it is simply your ego / intellect / monkey mind chattering, you will recognize its vibration as something familiar that takes you nowhere new. Breathe expansively around that flow and switch your narrow focus into a soft, internal gaze. (You can learn to do this equally well with your physical eyes closed or open.)

The gateway to a deeper answer will much more likely be your somatic and affective signals: what you feel in, on, and around your body with your inner and outer senses, along with your emotional body. Let yourself be surprised by dropping or at least filtering out all expectations.

Certain therapeutic approaches, such as focusing and IFS teach similar methods, but I learned this through the Akashic Records, and your own internal knowing, your Brilliant System can also be your greatest teacher on this. What you are doing is tracking and interpreting subtle energy. You were built for this. This is only as difficult as we make it.

So when you send a question very lightly out (I shared a “balloon method” for this in an earlier post), you open wide to receive your answer without any expectations on how or what should come to you. Whatever pings, that is what you follow.

When you first start doing this, your ego will worry and your mind will want to supply all the answers so you can feel smart and capable. Instead of getting annoyed or frustrated with this habit, be kind but absolutely steady in your resolve to keep following the flow of the answer. Your mind will relax in the field of self trust, and self trust is not conditional on any form of certainty. It is a vibration like any other. You can cultivate and train it regardless of your circumstances.

What I described today is just a micro-step in this process, but I’ll pause here because it is quite monumental, developing the vibration of self trust. Really sink into what self trust feels like to you. How do you recognize it? Educate your entire being: stir the remembrance of it from your cellular memory, and anchor it into all your energetic fields. You do this, as with everything else, with breath, intention, focus, and a stalwart heart.


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