From the Journey of Love Oracle Card Deck
(Disclaimer that I don’t own this deck, but thought this card’s message was right.)

Here’s another paradox that started rearing its head in grad school. Back then it was dispiriting. It was more like, “The more I learn, the more my ignorance becomes apparent to me.” I was trying to fill myself up with knowledge because not knowing felt like the worst thing in the world. I felt so much pressure to consume concepts and theories and retain names and dates before I felt comfortable sharing ideas.

In the field of oneness, perfect knowledge and persistent ignorance exist simultaneously in dynamic relationship. Each and every one of us is connected to the Akashic Records in our own way. We have access to everything we need to know. Yet we keep evolving, the Universe keeps expanding. So perfect knowledge is an ever-receding horizon. .
These days for me knowing is like a tide that ebbs and flows. There is no pressure to know everything about everything, or even a lot about one thing—with the exception of the Self. There is no pressure to build a field of expertise. There is no pressure to stay current with everyone and everything else.

My relationship to the Akashic Records helped me make these initial shifts. I had to trust that I would know what I needed to know in the Now moment because there was no possible way to research answers for clients beforehand. That just wasn’t how it worked. So I undid years of mental habits honed in academia and transformed my relationship to knowing.

Last year during client readings I started noticing how the energy of the question and the energy of the answer was one continuous loop. There is no separation. If it feels like there is, it is simply an illusion, a matter of readiness, openness, and timing.

This year with my manifestation mantra, I’ve embraced the paradox even more fully. “I align myself with Source” and know that I will know what I need to know in perfect timing. I just follow curiosity and deepen into that by asking questions and keeping all my inner and outer senses open. I know when to use my intellect to research and inquire, and when to sit in uncertainty with an open heart and open mind. The payoff of discovery is always joyful.

Right here, right now this oneness with knowing is available to you. Engage your brilliant system and reflect on all the times you felt pressure to know something you didn’t, were embarrassed by ignorance. How do you use knowledge—degrees, certifications, a storehouse of trivia—as a measure of your worth? Where are you hiding behind other people’s thoughts and ideas? Where does not having the answer feel like death? Breathe space around all that and hold it in oneness.

Conversely, where are you not recognizing your deep knowledge, wisdom, and authority? Where is your expertise so natural that it feels invisible? What is it that you know that you haven’t been willing to share? Give yourself that recognition.

“You have all your answers within.” What does that platitude bring up? Breathe room for all those objecting voices within. Can you allow that there is a part of you (that is really the Whole) that knows the juicy kernel of truth in that cliché? Feel into that. Release any urgency you feel to have all the answers or even any one answer right now. The more you relax, the more your energetic fields open to receive what you need to know. It is why you remember things as you are falling asleep or showering.

Today I invite you to give yourself that space to be the in perfect timing and right relationship with your knowing. Contact me to go even deeper with your Brilliant System!


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