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Do people even say this any more? No idea, but when I went inward to ask for the energy of living in paradox to make itself clearer for communication purposes, this is what playfully stepped forward: “I AM ALL THAT and a bag of chips.”

It makes me giggle and it couldn’t be more perfect because yesterday I promised to start sharing more examples of how paradox has been showing up in my life since I’ve been working with my manifestation mantra: “I align myself with Source” and I play in the expansiveness. The polarity here is one that I adore and have been working/playing with for some time: seriousness/play. In my youth work I was building a program called Game Plan because I wanted to keep the spirit of play alive in our most serious discussions about visioning and life planning.

So right here, right now, connect with your brilliant system and ask yourself: Where have I been forgetting to play? Where have I lost my sense of humor and lightness about things because somewhere along the way someone told me that “life isn’t all fun and games”? Where have I been striving so hard to be a grown up that I have neglected my inner child?

Or conversely, where do I not give myself enough credit for my contribution because I think “I’m just playing around.” This is “just a hobby.” This is “just for fun.” Where have I not taken myself seriously enough?

Serious and playful. Sometimes one more than the other, sometimes both at once in equal measure. Play is work and work is play is life is work is play. No dualism, no hierarchy, the full range. Not either/or but BOTH AND because you really are all that and a bag of chips when you choose to live from your Brilliant System. Contact me to learn more!


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