Yesterday I mentioned that for each phase in the spiral path of the brilliant systemcentering, surrendering to mystery, and stepping into mastery—you have a divine ally, namely, balance, grace, and genius, each of which is waiting for you to show up in full partnership with their support.

When I say divine ally, I don’t mean it in the way people talk about spirit guides. These are fields of light that are always already available, which is why balance is. Grace is. Genius is. There is no striving to achieve these states. There is no working to be worthy of them. There is only knowing they are there, becoming aware of them, and opening to them.

I’ve mentioned the availability of stillness before as your very first ally when entering meditation. If you pay attention, you will see stillness is already somewhere in your fields. Your awareness will make it grow. You don’t have to force yourself to become still.

The same can be said of abundance. Abundance is. It already is. And I don’t merely mean it in a “count your blessings way,” which is trite but true. If you sit and become aware of the glittering field of light that is abundance, as I have in an Akashic Records session for a client and in meditation for myself, you will sense that everything you have ever wanted and more is already in that field, and that field is all around and within you. Nothing is left out.

To work with the fields of light (or flows of energy / consciousness) that I am calling your divine allies is to know how truly blessed you are, how utterly loved. You are always surrounded by light. If you drop your resistance and attune to it, it becomes manifestly clear.

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