I’ve been mentioning to others how last week I felt knocked out by a really intense energy, and some responded with how this was happening with that planet or the moon or whatnot. Maybe. I don’t discount the wisdom of astrology, but I also don’t necessarily feel the need to batten down the hatches whenever Mercury goes into retrograde because those are non-events for me.

What I do know as fact is that whenever I feel stress or discomfort, like something is happening “to” me (or not happening for me), it is always a sign that something either wants to come into and/or leave my life, and I’m not letting it. So what I am feeling is the resistance that I’m putting up in my energetic fields.

Increasingly I am discovering resistance is the only thing keeping me out of whack. It isn’t that “life happens.” It’s my reaction to it. Because whenever I take a breath to connect to my brilliant system and find my center, I find the wherewithal to open to whatever wants to flow in or out of my life, and I receive the guidance and courage I need to bring it to full expression.

Last week when I felt myself go into pressure cooker mode, I checked in and was moved to take a salt bath. In that state of deep relaxation I finally felt my body unclench. And then I started receiving a stream of awareness and inspiration. That was what I had been resisting.

We automatically assume that what we resist must be so terrible, but really it is only unfamiliar. There are hidden gifts in everything, so it is to our benefit to master the art of opening to receive. I’d like to say it gets easier, but what I’ve personally found is that life continually gives me bigger and bigger flows to practice with, so I continue to feel discomfort and have to make the effort to widen my channel. This is an exciting challenge! And it is also, for me, part of the spiraling, creative cycle of life.

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April · March 11, 2019 at 1:28 pm

Beautiful post!

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