Last week I shared how someone started off her manifestation mantra process by connecting to her Higher Self for her learning edge, which showed how she was showing up for life hunched over, apologizing for her existence. I then had her feel into the gap between her Higher Self and that hunched figure. From that gap I had her call out for her mantra. She wasn’t quite sure how to do this so I had her formulate a request and send it out into the ether, while envisioning letting go of a balloon. I guided her to open up her awareness on all levels and all directions around her so she could sense any shifts. This technique is a way of letting go in full trust even though you have no idea where the question goes and how the answer will return to you.

What she first got was a feeling and image of being on the top of the Himalayas. The message was, “You are already there. You don’t need to be this athletic girl hiking to the top, because you are already there.” It was the “delightful realization that I can do this.” I had her sit with that for a moment, and then asked if she was getting anything handy to take away as her mantra—a phrase, symbol, sound, image, etc. She asked again and this pigeon flew to her arm with a scroll of paper. She opened the scroll and saw a blurry symbol she couldn’t decipher. I asked her to ask again and she uttered the words I was hearing intuitively: “I’m here.” It cut to my core when she said it. More importantly, it felt absolutely right to her.

I share this first because the message around being-ness is one we all need reminding of. We expend so much energy trying to reach our goals to be somebody great, that we miss the fact we are already here at the mountaintop, our greatness already an inherent, indelible fact of our BE-ing.

Second, it pays to be unattached, gentle, and yet persistent when connecting with our inner guidance. If something doesn’t come in clearly or intelligibly the first time, ask again. Each time you ask, though, remain soft and receptive. If you need to, squeeze the sponge of your mind empty so it can soak in whatever new knowing wants to come in.

In my next post I’ll share the surprising effect this mantra had on her. Stay tuned!

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B R · March 5, 2019 at 3:19 pm

This really resonates with me. Today I was thinking about how the more I accept myself (and happy with where I am), the less “hopeful” I am. I don’t mean I’m hopeless, but more than I don’t have the intensity of hoping to be somewhere else.

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