The clearest intention I held going into this retreat was simply to see where my inner flow would take me. Frankly, I wasn’t prepared for the strength of the inward pull and merely thought I was taking advantage of a coincidence of external circumstances that made this retreat possible. (As if life doesn’t deliver just what we need precisely when we need it).

I’ve been doing some reading and writing, but it turns out that a good deal of this retreat has been about putting my manifestation mantra to practice. This year’s mantra took some time to refine. After a month of fine-tuning I finally arrived at: “I align my myself with Source.” This makes me become immediately aware of my central channel, and I feel plugged into the Earth and connected to Spirit via my sacral chakra and crown chakra. I use it not only when I sit in meditation, but also the very moment I realize that I am feeling the slightest bit off.

An early gift of this mantra was a dream where I felt my consciousness enter the body of a master meditator. His particular adeptness lay in his ability to center himself instantaneously and powerfully with his very first breath. In his body I felt the breath move to connect all the energy centers that ran along his central channel and link up to his higher essence. When that happened I was like, “Ooohhhhh…” I felt I had been given a vibratory key and I anchored that experience inside me.

This retreat has been longer than usual for me, and its length started pushing the button to that voice within that questions whether I am being productive enough, wondering if the tide will ever turn. So I have been turning to my mantra with regularity and staying the course. And, of course, the tide is already turning, as it always does, sooner or later.

I’ve been keeping bookings to a minimum this past month, but I have been holding space for people interested in feeling into their learning edge, calling in their mantra, and setting their intention for 2019. Session times vary depending on how quickly you connect to your brilliant system, and how much clearing or refining we do with your mantra. But it should not take an hour (it can take literally five minutes if you are in the flow). I am offering these mantra sessions for the next couple weeks for $11.11. Contact me if you’re interested!

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Brian · February 12, 2019 at 3:30 pm

I ran across this article the other day, which discusses that nagging doubt about not being “productive” from the perspective of efficiency.

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