Yesterday I wrote about compassionate boundary-setting as an alternative to wall-building, and how it takes great gentleness, compassion, and self-compassion to trust in the process and timing of everyone’s spiritual evolution, including your own.

Later in the day, this message around walls (or, rather, not walls) and gentleness was driven home again. During an energy attunement session with a client, the spirit of play came in full force as an expansive, animating energy and it pulled in the field of infinite possibility in its wake. The flow palpably changed from one that danced to one that felt like it was hitting areas of blockage or resistance.

We cleared what we could, and as I awaited further instruction the guides surprised me with the next step. They invited my client to place flowers or some other kind of vibrant offering at each place in her energy fields where she felt stuck or clenched or closed down to the flow of infinite possibility. They explained that what feels like walls are actually doors that haven’t yet been opened, and as such are sacred sites of future expansion on her part. To mark them with offerings was to lay down her intention to revisit them when she was ready, and that she would know when, in what order, and at what pace those doors would be opened. The keys would be given to her in perfect timing. There was no pressure to keep releasing, opening, and shifting in the moment.

What a beautiful expression of the way of gentleness. Thank you, radiant soul, for allowing me to hold space for you, to witness, and to share this piece of the puzzle with others so we can all learn and grow together.

These emerging flows want to be shared and remembered at the deepest levels of our being. I am working on ways to share them not only in person, but also over the phone, and via audio recordings. This month’s offerings include the energies of the One Heart, the spirit of Play, the golden light of Truth, and the field of Infinite Possibility. We clear and align your fields with each vibration, and the energy layers and builds through the session. From your attunement you will be able to connect to other energies that want to come in to support you in 2019. Contact me if this calls out to you!


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