Yesterday I shared my simple way for clearing other people’s energies from your field and setting up appropriate boundaries—not via shielding or protection or (ahem) wall-building, but by knowing and maintaining your divine center. Perhaps the trickiest part is letting go of outcomes and trusting that the other person will find his/her own way in perfect timing. This may very well take longer than your ego or heart may wish. But when you begin to master this practice, you ask to master compassion and self-compassion, because you start to let go of any efforts to direct or set timeframes on this process of learning and integration.

I spent a good deal of my life putting a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to achieve “perfection,” and also “demanding integrity” from others around me. This is not a kind way to live.

I also spent a good deal of my life worrying about others, seeing them as victims or underdogs, and trying to help them from my own place of disempowerment. This is not a sustainable way to live.

Gentleness is now one of my touchstones. This does not mean turning into a doormat or being spineless. To the contrary, it requires the ability to stand tall and strong from my radiant center, and to move in integrity with higher wisdom. It means being plugged into my own Source so I don’t get knocked off balance or drained as easily by disharmonious energies. We all have this capacity within. We were built for this.

If the notion of letting someone—including yourself—“off the hook” for getting something wrong triggers something within you, well, you know where the work lies. Let gentleness open your heart (and any other clenched up areas) on your path ahead.


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