A little over a year ago I received the nudge during meditation to shut down Dreamers & Schemers for no apparent reason. Trusting my inner guidance I let the group go and underwent a year of deep learning. Less than a month ago, all signs pointed to reconvening, but from different energetic ground.

I spent two full years calling for this higher ground because I wanted to deepen the work we were doing. And just as I’d received the name and the knowing around Dreamers & Schemers (“because we are what’s born in the dark”) through the whispers of inspiration, “Mystery & Mastery” finally opened for me just last week. Right when I heard it I jumped up from my meditation and danced a jig because I had been holding the energy steady for this for so long, and it finally came through! I also giggled because I knew immediately why the inspiration could not have come any sooner.

Mystery & Mastery is the next evolution of Dreamers and Schemers. We are what’s born in the dark, but we also move toward the light. Mystery & Mastery is about going inward to discover our expansive, radiant center. It is about showing up, stepping into our power, and living from our brilliant system. Mystery & Mastery is also about being comfortable with uncertainty, trusting that we will come into clarity in perfect time, and claiming our mastery of holding our energy steady as the mystery of our life force unfolds in harmony with the larger flows of life.

Yesterday we lay the foundation for our paths forward, establishing our connection to our Higher Selves, calling in the energies that want to support us, and clearing out whatever was not in alignment, no longer served us, or was never ours to carry in the first place. Everything is done gently, using our minds only to continually choose and commit, moment by moment, to open and shift. It is that easy, but so powerful.
I’ll be sharing some of the energies and tools that came in to support us this week. If you’ve ever wanted to take your meditation practice off the mat, live mindfulness from a more soulful place, or manifest your soul’s deepest calling with elegance, grace, and ease, follow along and learn how to live from your brilliant system!


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