For the last two weeks I’ve been sharing a gentle, accessible process for transformation and manifestation of new states of being as an alternative to the comparatively harsh, effortful, and dispiriting practice of New Year’s resolutions. At this point it feels right to warn you that though this process is simple, its power should not be underestimated. You will usher in tremendous change, support, and all the circumstances, people, resources, and lessons that you need to embody your soul’s deepest desires. This includes what you may experience as challenges.

As you come more and more into your wholeness, everything that is discordant with the vibrations you hold through intentionmantra, and breath will surface as they are ready to be healed. This, too, is part of your brilliant system. Sometimes this comes as emotion. Follow their flow until they are tapped out. If you, at any point, judge them as “too much” and try to repress them, or attempt to bypass them through “positive thinking,” they will remain in your energetic soup, and maintaining your “higher vibe” will feel effortful. So find a safe place, welcome whatever emotions well up, and let them show you what else needs to come into the light of consciousness and love.

The second tip is one that comes from my dad, who told me when I was very little that if I ever encountered a mountain of horse poop, dig deep because there’s bound to be a pony in there somewhere. In other words, approach life with an open heart and mind. Instead of shutting down with resistance or assuming the victimized stance of “Why is this happening to me?” shift the tone ever so slightly: “Why is this happening? How is this happening for me? What is the learning and the gift?” This transmutes negativity instantly, lightening things up just enough so you can open to a new, different, and higher perspective.

Catch yourself every time you fall out of the vibration of your manifestation mantra, hold fast to your intention, and choose to breathe your way back. You are learning to keep to your center in this way, to stand in your power, to maintain a strong, coherent, and uplifting field of energy. From here you will sense the direction of your inner flow as it naturally seeks to harmonize with the life force all around you, just as a flower turns toward the sun. Let it lead you, at once, to the unique expression of your essence and the experience of oneness.

Thank you to those who have followed along for this series. I hope that 2019 brings you into deeper engagement with your brilliant system. I honor the radiance within you. Happy New Year.


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