Before Christmas I shared my process for manifesting magnitudes of transformation in your life without feeling like you have to reach for something outside yourself or having to engage in all the mental gymnastics of the Law of Attraction. I used to wonder at the magic of this process, which arose organically from my darkest life circumstances, and brought in so much light, beauty, and gifts beyond my imagination.

But this month as I looked back on the last five years, I see the simplicity of its truth: from right energy springs right action. “Right” here doesn’t refer to any external ethical or moral systems, but the goodness that springs from your inner light, the truth of your own brilliant system. And you will know it consciously when your mantra comes to you.

By embodying your manifestation mantra (i.e., letting it work on you and through you and with you), you are vibrating a new state of being. And from that vibration, emotions, ideas, and actions spring with great clarity and integrity. And life will meet you more than halfway, bringing you, in turn, all the inspiration, resources, people, and opportunities to bring about what you asked for in ever greater forms of expression. This is why change feels so graceful and supported when you engage with this process.

As we count down to New Year I’ll be sharing overviews of my learning edge, mantra, intention, and gifts received for each year beginning in 2015 so you can understand how this is a gentle but powerful process of turning your life around and waking up to the radiant intelligence within. You will see how each new year builds on the energy and growth of the preceding year and how eventually there is a turning point where growth springs from an appreciation overflow rather than a perception of lack (which was never there to begin with).


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