Early in this work I began to find my opening visualization varying each time I connected to the Akashic Records. So much was shifting in my life externally and internally, and I really wanted my practice to be a stable center.

Yet when I asked about it, my Records responded that sacred space was “anywhere I could come into the fullness of myself.” My heart settled immediately as I resonated with that truth. And the next time I connected to my Records, they transported me to a beach scene where the “entrance” was the shifting shoreline. It confounded my linear mind, but also felt like a wink, nudge, and giggle.

I was able to accept my practice as it was in that moment, instead of wanting it to be something else. This helped me open to so much else in my life that I had wished were a little different and really see the gift in WHAT IS. I was also able to develop that stable center within that could weather internal and external changes with grace.

Akashic Records work is sacred work, but I remind students not to get too precious about it. You might light a candle or dedicate a crystal to your practice, but you really need nothing more than your pure intention. I’ve accessed my own Records having forgotten the exact words to my blessing, and I’ve also read for others in public places or rooms full of other people.

You create sacred space whenever you take the time and energy to come fully into yourself. Take a moment to breathe this in and really feel into it. I bet it feels gorgeous.

Today’s image is from a sacred geometry oracle deck that I have on my phone. The physical deck has been on my wishlist for quite some time now!


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