Along with beginner’s mind and clear intention, the third pillar of an Akashic Record reading is trust—trust in the support of Spirit and trust in myself. Once I attune to the Records and feel the supporting energies, I know I am not alone, left to my own devices to figure out answers to another person’s burning life questions.

Having spent a good amount of time in grad school, being able to come up with right answers or convincing ideas was critical. So it was a considerable burden off my shoulders to be able to access a space where I didn’t always have to set the gears of my mind turning.

This of course took practice, because it was very over-eager to help in every single situation. Part of developing trust was to calm my mind and reassure it that answers were on their way, and then to firmly inform my critical voice that I would be able to understand and communicate whatever came.

Practice (and getting confirmation that my readings resonated with clients) pays dividends, not just within the Akashic Records, but in all aspects of my life. It is so much easier for me to trust and rest in grace. I no longer make my way through life feeling like I have to figure out everything in my own.

Today’s image comes from the Angelic Messenger cards by Dr. Meredith L. Young-Sowers, a gift from a friend. I’m not big into angels, but I like that these cards feature images of flowers rather than winged beings.


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