I repeatedly tell my clients that an Akashic Record reading—at least the way that I offer it—is not predictive. The readings I offer call for your own engagement in the process, and to have any real effect on your life you will have to walk your path consciously, by making your own decisions rather than taking marching orders from on high. That said, sometimes it looks like a reading “predicted” something accurately. I’d like to share a story to look more closely into that phenomenon to show that it is actually the client’s doing, and not mine, when something the Records said “comes true.”

Last October I offered a reading to someone who was very concerned about her career and finances. She had taken all the recommended routes one takes when looking for work: updating her resume, applying to job listings, participating in social media, etc., but she wasn’t getting any call backs or interviews. When I took a look in her Records, however, they offered rather unorthodox advice: You are working too hard and looking in the wrong places. The image they sent was of her standing outside in such bright sun that she needed sunglasses to protect her eyes. At the time of the reading, she was incredulous because she couldn’t begin to imagine any sort of work she was qualified to do outdoors, and she was insisting that office work was the only possibility for her.

As I reader, I could not put up any argument, but I simply restated the sense I was getting from her Records that she was pursuing work in the wrong direction, and altogether with too much effort. As a human being, I was deeply empathetic with her confusion and resistance to the guidance, because I also had no clue where and when she would get work, and what it would look like, other than the possibility that it would place her outdoors. My client’s only inkling at the time was that this opportunity would need to come from a foreigner, because in her conservative society, the paths open to her were quite straight and narrow.

Just recently she reached out to me with the exciting news that she was being trained for a new position that she landed entirely serendipitously. She casually mentioned over lunch that she was looking for work, and her companion immediately offered to train her in a field she’d had no prior experience in. As my client herself intuited, the person who presented this unique opportunity was indeed a foreigner! On her first day training she found herself soaking up the sun outside, wearing her sunglasses, when it hit her: “Oh my gosh, Ysette saw this!” I did. I reported to her what I saw in the Records as clearly as I could, but she was the one who made it happen.

How did she “make it happen”? She opened to possibility. She became willing enough to let go of old beliefs, to buck social expectations, and ultimately to trust the guidance and trust in the flow that was coming to her. This is no small feat! It requires letting go of the ego’s desire to do things “the right way.” After that inner work, it takes even more courage to take the external steps to follow through.

Really, though, how wacky is this job advice? “Stop sending resumes out. Don’t pursue the type of work you’ve been trained to do. Relax and let the Universe bring you the job that is right for you.” I am the first to admit that this is makes no rational sense whatsoever. I applaud anyone who is brave enough to take that sort of guidance in, weigh it in their hearts for what is true to them, and then take that first bold step toward their truth in spite of all the unknowns. Taking the guidance into your heart first, and feeling into the truth of it is the most important part, because once you feel the clarity of truth, you will also feel emboldened to walk toward it.

The image above is from the Mystical Cats Tarot, one of my favorite decks. The Floating Cat is the equivalent of the Hanged Man in a traditional Rider-Waite, but it has a more playful energy and tends to frighten people much less. But it evokes the same energy of turning everything on its head and suspending yourself for long enough so you can take a new perspective and open to new possibilities.


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