One of my favorite sources of tools is the Akashic Records, since they come tailor-made for the recipient. This tool is one I actually channeled for a client, but as it is often the case in readings, there was something in it for me, as well. I felt resonance in my body as I was communicating it to my client, so I filed it away as something to practice for myself. I love it because it is extremely simple, but incredibly powerful.

The purpose of this tool is to give you the experience of simultaneously feeling the support of your ancestors and your own power. To do this, you turn inward and feel your personal power in your solar plexus and feel the support of your ancestors at your back. (The Records said, “Your ancestors have your back.”) After some practice just imagining this, I viscerally felt this one day as I was practicing “on the go.”

My most powerful experience using this tool, however, was during my plant medicine retreat in Peru. I was really struggling to make it through the weeks with a healthy sense of self intact and woke up crying in the middle of the night on the eve of the last ceremony of the week. In the face of my shadow, I was wracked by fear, doubt, anguish, and self hatred, and I had no idea how to step forward from all that negativity. And then it occurred to me that I had read of countless people in similar situations turning to prayer, and how that became a miraculous turning point for them.

If it can happen for them, why not for me?

I wasn’t exactly sure what to pray for because I knew that my small human mind wanted one thing, but on a deeper level my heart simply wanted to be open to whatever experience was coming my way. So I prayed somewhat clumsily to whoever would listen and could help: “Spirit, I would love for my final ceremony to be enlightening, joyous, gentle, and loving. But if that is not in my greatest good, then please give me the strength to move through this with grace and understanding that whatever happens I am on my highest path.”

At that moment I felt prompted by my intuition to pick up a particular piece of quartz among the many crystals I had just bought in Pisac. As soon as I picked it up, I felt my heart open. Then I remembered what the Records had taught me about feeling my personal power and my ancestors at my back. Once I felt that connection, I thought, Show me who I am. A slew of images suddenly flooded into my consciousness and I was aware of all the times in my life that I had put myself in crazy situations where I didn’t know which end was up, where I was asked to let go of whatever had been most precious to my identity, where I was completely uncertain about my future, and had no way to orient myself. I also saw that in each of those instances, I had eventually found my way through with grace, equanimity, and new-found strength. Each of those experience had been a crucial lesson along my path that allowed for my growth.

This is who I am.

Immediately I was filled with a great feeling of calm in my whole being. I felt that some long-banished part of me had come back to myself to be integrated. I felt whole.

I fell easily asleep, woke up fully rested, and moved through the next day with that same deep feeling of peace that had filled me the night before. I knew that I could handle whatever came my way. Though I was hopeful, I was unattached to the outcome of the third ceremony.

As it turned out, my third ceremony happened exactly as I had prayed it would. I brought my ancestors in for the experience and they never left my side. Once I felt the medicine start to work, I began the work of integration. And when that was done, I was brought to the moment of creation and I felt the ecstasy of Oneness with All. I spent hours just listening to the sounds of life and breathing with everyone and everything in the Universe, giggling and sighing every now and then in the fullness, the joy, the absolute miracle of being alive.

At the close of the ceremony I heard my ancestors applaud my good work. See? It was only you who doubted you would graduate! And with that they handed me my diploma. (They are ever the jokers!)

I came out of this experience with a deeper knowing and certainty that I am, indeed, never alone, that I am more powerful than I ever suspected, and that support is always at hand if I just ask for it.


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