A birth parent’s take on adoption awareness20151119203548

A birth parent’s take on adoption awareness

YsetteNovember 19, 2015, 0
Today I had the pleasure of volunteering for the Heart Gallery‘s annual exhibit at Penn Station. The mission was to raise awareness about youth in foster care and encouraging passersby to sign up to receive more information about mentoring, fostering, or adopting hard to place children and ...
Project and people management20140919181655

Project and people management

This summer has been one long learning opportunity for the Emerging Leaders and me. With everyone’s schedules shifting over the summer, it’s been challenging getting regular meetings together, so it’s taken an extra toll on me to keep everyone abreast. The ridiculousness of the sit...
So much to catch up on!20140812151746

So much to catch up on!

I’ve been getting poked by various people wondering where my blog’s been, why I haven’t been writing. I have reasons, I have excuses, but I won’t go into any of it here. Let me tell you what’s been popping at Minds On Fire, though, because although it’s been quiet...
For Anthony T., in memory20140616070013

For Anthony T., in memory

YsetteJune 16, 2014Life, 0
“Oh, yes, I can assure you, men in felt hats and women carrying baskets—you have lost something that would have been very valuable to you. You have lost a leader, whom you would have followed; and one of you has lost happiness and children. He is dead who would have given you that.” ...
Case in point20140206020022

Case in point

Well, I promised to follow up my last post with some good news, and I know that at least one of my readers will be disappointed that she won’t get to read about the sense of optimism I feel in the air just yet. Instead, I’m gonna hang out on my soapbox for a little […]...
Complaints, concerns, but also causes for optimism20140205121714

Complaints, concerns, but also causes for optimism

I’ve been delaying writing this post because for a stretch I was too outraged about certain things I’d been hearing in the foster care scene. Outrage is healthy if you can articulate it well and channel it productively, but anger is not the emotion I want to lead with. So, what’s c...
Sentimentally, it isn’t a big deal, but legally it is20140128090554

Sentimentally, it isn’t a big deal, but legally it is

Happy 21st birthday, @beYOUtifulBrian! I know you aren’t much for celebrating, but today I am grateful for your presence in my life. I’ll never forget the day we met, when you told me you liked my website and agreed to be my first youth advisor. Your twenty-first birthday really snuck u...
Hazards of the job20140126181200

Hazards of the job

Recently I’d been thinking a lot about how this work uplifts me. On Twitter I had some wonderful conversations with advocates in the special ed and autism community about the public misperception that the populations we work with are depressing. “I could never do the work you do”...
ladamski gets her own blog! (and the state of this blog)20140124115351

ladamski gets her own blog! (and the state of this blog)

YsetteJanuary 24, 2014Life, 0
Minds On Fire’s very first guest blogger, Lindsay Adamski, is moving up in the blogging world. She’s set up shop here, where she writes about child welfare policy, strategies for working with youth in foster care, and other ideas coming from feminism, sociology, and whatever else is on ...
My #emergingleaders inspire me20140113131408

My #emergingleaders inspire me

Most people who work outside the field of child welfare tend to assume that my work is dispiriting. They hear the words “foster care” and immediately think “at-risk youth,” a loaded term that conjures only negative images. They imagine that I am out every day fighting the goo...