A heart like the sun, pt 220200410162132

A heart like the sun, pt 2

Earlier this year my 2020 manifestation mantra came to me as I was chipping old paint off a door: “A heart like the sun.” It came in on rays of yellow and orange, so I set up a crystal grid with those colors, including a tarot and oracle card that came up in a personal […]...
Shared breath20200405190635

Shared breath

Yesterday I had the joy of sharing breath and heart space with two magnificent beings: a pine tree and my Gramps. What a heart field this pine had. I could barely speak while feeling its energy. I could feel it even 20 feet away, and it was very hard to leave. In its presence, all […]...
Let life meet you20200326115047

Let life meet you

Looking back on so many of the strange and surprising lessons of last year—learning I had not consciously called in but which came to me loud and clear anyway—I see how few of my external 2019 “goals” turned out because my energy took a sharp turn inward at the start of summer. Just when the...
Breath and balance20200320112448

Breath and balance

At the start of the year I set an intention for heart expansion, and yet what kept coming in as my deepest paths of learning were breath and balance. It wasn’t totally out of left field because breath and balance are foundational to my work and personal practice, but these past few months they hav...
Breathing through constriction20200316115512

Breathing through constriction

[I wrote this IG post last Sunday, while still in NYC, though I didn’t have the energy to post it on this blog, with minor edits, till now.] That experience I had last Monday on my yoga mat was contextualized this weekend. It had been practice for me to recognize when my body was in […]...
Presence & breath20200311133303

Presence & breath

Yesterday I had a really interesting learning experience with my breath. I got to my restorative mat yoga class still sore from a TRX workout that I hadn’t been to in awhile, plus I had a pinch in my neck from sleeping on my pillow funny. I was really looking forward to class because I […]...
Paradox of the breath20200306120255

Paradox of the breath

There are many paradoxes to breathing, one of which is it is the most natural thing in the world, and yet we so easily forget, for very long stretches of time, how to breathe in the way our bodies are built to breathe, easily and deeply. And if we get too much in our heads […]...
Rhythm of the breath20200305111007

Rhythm of the breath

YsetteMarch 5, 2020Life, Meditation, , 0
Several days ago I had a really moving experience in savasana during a yoga class where I ended up being the only student. The feeling that washed over me was the luxurious joy of getting to be with my breath for the entire class mixed with a strange relief that I didn’t have to “worry” [&hell...
You can breathe light20200105141032

You can breathe light

Late last night I received a text with news about a passing in the family. And recently folks have been talking to me about quitting their jobs and not having a plan. You can say 2020 has made quite a dramatic entrance. Last month I started writing about this expansiveness that I became aware of [&h...
The energetics of mindfulness, pt 420191001181928

The energetics of mindfulness, pt 4

Continuing with our investigation and experiencing of what it really means to “take a conscious breath,” today we’re practicing how to work with the mind so we can begin tapping into our other centers of knowing. After we take our first conscious breaths, turning inward, really holding (not ru...