The importance of witnessing failure20131013182827

The importance of witnessing failure

There is so much I still have to process about the Conference on Emerging Adulthood, including how very different a social science conference is from all the literature conferences I’ve ever attended. Most striking of all was the lack of poor manners and bad behavior, and second to that was th...
It’s kind of like Hair Club for Men20130823074322

It’s kind of like Hair Club for Men

Two friends now have mentioned they thought of me while reading Jill Lepore’s latest New Yorker piece. The news brings a wistful smile to my face because in my past life I wanted to grow up to be Jill Lepore. She is the rare scholar who builds bridges effortlessly between history and lite...
One quibble about Chris Nodder’s UX Fundamentals course20130803071301

One quibble about Chris Nodder’s UX Fundamentals course

YsetteAugust 3, 2013Uncategorized, 0
[For Rob] All in all, Chris Nodder’s User Experience Fundamentals for Web Design course on was very helpful for getting me to think about how I would like to approach building a web-based product/service (more on that later). But one bit of advice Nodder mentions twice over two hou...
Finding what you look for20130730111922

Finding what you look for

[For Candice] Have you been making your way through the articles in Emerging Adulthood? There is one particular article (I won’t publicly say which, but you can probably pick it out) whose authors seem to set up their experiment just so by identifying what to them are the most salient variable...
Work, currently…and life (sort of)20130405154154

Work, currently…and life (sort of)

YsetteApril 5, 2013Life0
So remember when I balked at Gerald Chertavian’s advice to double whatever amount of networking I was currently doing? Well, it’s happened. In the past couple of months I’ve been invited to join groups in the nonprofit and youth development spaces, and I also finally signed onto Me...
Write the dissertation20130308101416

Write the dissertation

Lacking a passion project was the very worst condition to be in as a graduate student. At first it’s liberating to be able to explore different concepts and areas of study. It’s like a dream for the intellectually curious. But soon the process of trying on and discarding topics gets wear...
A very nice tribute to teachers20121213125455

A very nice tribute to teachers

YsetteDecember 13, 2012, , 0
I’ve written before about Freakonomics‘ Stephen J. Dubner and his blog series on the value of college. The economics professors he interviewed were able to address issues such as the cost of a college degree and how that weighs against the prospective earnings of college graduates. They ...
Humanities in service of others, pt 220121001142558

Humanities in service of others, pt 2

YsetteOctober 1, 2012, , 0
This post elaborates on an idea I wrote about last week, namely that framing the intellectual work of the humanities as a service to others (other people, other disciplines, other causes) might free us from the current bind of fixating, either positively or negatively, on the uselessness of the huma...
Humanities in service of others, pt 120120928205356

Humanities in service of others, pt 1

YsetteSeptember 28, 2012, , 0
This promises to be a long post, so let me get straight to the punch line here and explain that the text below is my attempt to get out of the intellectual stalemate in the debate on the humanities by reframing the conversation not in terms of use, but of service. If this is your kind of […...
Wrestling with difference20120820103554

Wrestling with difference

YsetteAugust 20, 2012, , 0
Freakonomics’ Stephen J. Dubner recently did a two-part podcast on the true value of a college education. While part 1 gives convincing evidence for a strong correlation between one’s health, wealth, and level of education, part 2 takes a much harder look at the economic costs of a univ...