Presented by Steph Cowling


In the midst of our day to day activities, it can be challenging to find the space and the time to do the things that nourish us.  Our favorite self care activities can be shrouded by last minute to dos and life’s demands.  However, if we can get ahead of the busyness and map out the time for ourselves, similar to how we would carve out dental appointments, annual exams and trips to visit family, we elevate the nourishing activities that keep our well filled up to be as critical as the non-negotiables of our every day. This 50 minutes session will explore the key components of a self care plan, how to craft one for ourselves and how to create a support system to keep us motivated.


  • Identify and craft consistent rituals and routines that support our well being

About Steph Cowling, MA

image02 Over the past 10 years, I have cultivated a professional life in both university and nonprofit settings, focused on youth development, higher education and workforce/career development. I primarily advise, coach, teach and design programs for young adults transitioning into and through college, career and workforce. My deeper self care journey started in 2007 when I began study of Women’s Spirituality at New College of California to learn about the divine feminine and craft my own spiritual practice. Since then, I have come to cherish my self care modalities spanning body, mind and spiritual practices, including Nonviolent Communication (NVC), SoulCollage®, Insight Meditation, Brazilian dance, yoga, painting, artist dates and morning pages. You can find more of my musings on Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine and on my blog. I am currently building my own self care program, Nourish, focused on serving WOC youth development professionals. You can find me on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.