Presented by Clarissa Mendez


Let’s take a macro level view and see how habits can help us make better decisions for self care.  I believe in striving to bring your whole self to all you do, this takes practice. I write about Holistic leadership in the book, The Empowered Woman: Purpose, Passion and Possibilities.  Being mindful of integrating the mind, body, heart and roots regularly in your life will help you to live wholeheartedly. This practice will allow you to step into the habit of self care more easily.

When we move away from our game plans and our goals, we can be our most harsh critics. As the airplane instructions go we must put the masks on ourselves before we can help others. We must continue to relearn how to get out of our own way in order to produce the best outcomes for ourselves and those around us. I believe if we deepen our understanding of our inner processes, we will make better decisions moment by moment including choosing self care and growth. This session will introduce the three step process from Brene Brown’s Rising Strong: the rumble, reckon and revolution. Rising strong after a fall is how we cultivate wholeheartedness. It’s the process, Brown writes, that teaches us the most about who we are.


  • Deepen our understanding of our inner processes so we get back on track and make self care decisions easily

  • Deepen our understanding and our connection to our emotions which can cue us in to make better self care decisions

About Clarissa Mendez

image00 Clarissa Mendez established herself in program design and development in the nonprofit community having held many leadership positions at various non profits across the country as program manager and management consultant. She is passionate about leadership and using a holistic leadership approach to transform the lives of women and girls. She wrote about it in the book, The Empowered Woman: Purpose, Passion & Possibilities, available on Amazon. She continues the conversation on her blog, A natural educator at heart, she has extensive experience as a speaker and trainer and is available for short and long term collaborations. She tweets uplifting messages @coachclari. Visit her on LinkedIn, Facebook and/or follow her blog.