Presented by Ysette Guevara


There’s a common language around youth work: We’re here in service to others. We empower youth to reach their highest potential. We run programs that are youth-centered, if not youth-led, because we believe in youth voice. We love our young people, and our work is fulfilling. We’re certain that the work we do is good. We would even do this work for free.

So where does all our anger and resentment come from? Why are we so tired all the time? What do we do when we’re pulled between the truth of the work and the practical demands of the job? Is it a problem of mission drift, or have we outgrown our vision?

In this 50 minute workshop, we will dare to stare certain sacred cows in the eye and figure out where we each stand in relation to them. We will approach this work through a mindful regard of our bodies, so we can identify for ourselves when, where, and how we feel resonance or resistance. We can use this body awareness to understand what is or isn’t right for us, in order to stay in integrity with ourselves. Because we are always growing and changing, what’s true for us today may not be true for us tomorrow. Body awareness keeps us in touch with the dynamic nature of our truth, giving us the opportunity again and again to come into alignment whenever we drift off course.


  • Understand how every core belief has a shadow side (where doubts and unintended consequences can creep in)
  • Learn how to move from the mind to the body
  • Become acquainted with the feeling of resonance and resistance in your body
  • Employ the mind to delve more deeply into the body’s truth
  • See the possibility of adjusting something in yourself, the language of the statement, or both to resonate more fully with a core belief.

About Ysette Guevara, PhD

image01 I left academia in search of a full-hearted approach to teaching and found myself at home working with youth in foster care. The experience of undergoing a career change that deeply affected my identity formed the backbone of my work helping young people transition to adulthood with consciousness and confidence. Similarly, the challenges of building Minds On Fire inspired my program for Emerging Leaders, which gave aspiring social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders the space to practice essential skills such as relationship building and self care. Following my recovery from burnout, I feel led to work with colleagues who share an interest in holistic and energetically sustainable approaches to youth development. I quit Twitter and LinkedIn to make more space in my life, but I do still blog.