Brilliant System mentoring is for those who feel called to expand into their multidimensional Self with intentional focus, structure, and support. These sessions are designed to help you find your center, surrender to mystery, and / or step into mastery. This is not a one-size-fits-all program, but a co-creative process tailored to wherever you are on your path of unfolding. You will set an intention for our time together, and I will provide a general framework, but ultimately we will respond directly to your subtle energetic flow from session to session. We go where your Brilliant System leads us. Each week builds on the practices of the previous week, and you will likely receive custom tools that come directly from your higher self and guides. Expect to deepen your connection to Self, to Spirit, and to the planet.

If you’ve longed to develop a meditative, intuitive, or spiritual practice, this is for you! To ignite your Brilliant System is to get in touch with your inner teacher. To develop a Brilliant System practice is to establish a lifelong relationship of trust with the most important teacher you will ever have: your own greater being.

Akashic Records mentoring

If you already feel connected with your intuition, but are looking to fine-tune it, consider Akashic Records mentoring instead.