Dreamers & Schemers is not only a community, but a sacred space. I consider any space sacred if it allows the fullness of our beings to be seen, heard, and held. The soul (which I distinguish from Spirit), or what we might think of as the deepest part of ourselves, is a timid creature. Especially if we aren’t in the habit of inviting it to participate in daily life, the soul requires silence, stillness, and a sense of safety to show itself.

For the purpose of creating sacred space, we agree to the following:


Showing up for yourself is a big deal. Honor the fact that you are taking the time to hold yourself in sacred space and embark on the new or unknown. Honoring self is constantly checking in with yourself and making sure you are walking in truth and alignment. If something is pushing against you, take notice and take a break if you need it. If you’re being triggered, attend to it. If you need help, ask for it. Honor your truth and your needs. Listening deeply, trusting yourself, and following your flow is the highest form of honoring self.


Honoring other is an act of compassion and unconditional love. It is acknowledging and respecting the other person’s path and process, no matter how different it looks from yours. To honor other is to regard the other as a whole and capable person, even if it means giving her the benefit of the doubt. In this spirit, we do not assume we have all the answers. We cannot possibly know what is best for the other person. It is not our place to offer unsolicited advice or help if we aren’t asked. If we are asked and are in a position to give what is asked, we do so with a big, generous heart, rather than guilt, obligation, or pity. Our divine self always recognizes the divine in the other.


It takes skill and practice to stand at the threshold of the unknown with an open heart and open mind, keeping fear and doubt at bay. Being able to approach even the most familiar faces, places, and scenarios with beginner’s mind is the mark of a master. Being in beginner’s mind means not merely being comfortable with not knowing; it is standing with anticipation of newness. Your curiosity—and a deep, earnest desire to expand your knowledge and experience—leads you. Instead of standing in “I know,” you stand in “I learn.” Being in “I learn,” even in face of what may seem old, tired, and predictable, opens you to freshness and surprise. Beginner’s mind keeps you deep in the dynamism of life, attuned to the constant changes in yourself and everything around you.