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While 2016 was the year of teaching and learning in the moment, I’ve been inspired to give some shape to 2017. This year we will move forward with the seasons at the same time that we move upward with the chakras. Reflections in January and December will bookend this path.

January 2017

To inaugurate the new year and welcome new people into the circle, we begin with some energy management basics: learning to turn inward, collect your own energy, and become familiar with what your personal energy feels like. In the spirit of the new year, we will set an intention and also a “prayer” for ourselves, in order to open to gifts that will surpass our wildest dreams. We will close with a reflection on our personal values so that we can hold those values with intention and live in alignment through the rest of the year.

February 2017

In February we’re taking inspiration from plants that let their external parts go dormant so they can concentrate all the energy on feeding their roots in preparation for regrowth in the spring. This means knowing what keeps us grounded and focusing on nourishing our roots. This is predominantly first or root chakra work. We will share a range of ways to ground, both in and out of meditation, and bring awareness to our connection with the Earth and our ancestors. Lastly, we will bring together some basic skills in body awareness and quiet reflection to create a winter assessment to see what parts of our lives are nourishing us, and what can stand to be pruned.

March 2017

We continue the work in the root chakra by centering on its demon: FEAR. Identifying our root fears, being able to sit with those feelings, and eventually move through them are some of the most powerful life skills you can hone. I think this month we’ll throw a Monster Ball! It’ll be fun, I promise!

April 2017

With the turning of the season we move up to the sacral chakra to get in touch with our deepest emotions. We’ll learn to resist easy labels for what we’re feeling, how to connect with our higher self, how to attend to our feelings compassionately, and how to manage anger in daily life.

May 2017

As the weather gets warmer, we turn our attention to the solar plexus chakra, to dig deeper into questions of ego identity: Who am I? How do I step into my power? I do I express my individuality to the world without shame?

June 2017

Right after the summer solstice we head into the heart center, the very center of our being! This is the bridge between the lower three chakras and our higher energy centers. We take a step away from Anodea Judith’s focus on the chakra centers, however, because the heart center is not only about the heart chakra, but also about our divine, sacred heart. This month we learn how to experience and connect with both.

July 2017

We continue with the work of the ever important heart center and link it to the throat chakra, which Sonia Choquette calls “the chimney of the heart.” Thus the work this month turns around our ability to speak from the heart and to know the heart’s truth.

August 2017

We deepen the work of speaking our truth this month by approaching public speaking from a holistic point of view and then putting those tools to the test by voicing the truth of our heart in front of an audience. Yes, this is intense work, but I promise you will learn so much about yourself!

September 2017

This fall we move on to the ajna or the third eye chakra. Become aware of how your intuition already works for you. We will distinguish between all the ways we know: through our intellect, our gut, heart, body, and intuition.

October 2017

We continue our exploration of the third eye by more playful methods this month! We see how changing our perspective and softening our gaze can enhance our vision / inner sight / perspective on life, and we bring in some fun tools such as tarot and oracle cards to help us connect to our intuition.

November 2017

This month we finally arrive at the crown chakra, which connects us to All That Is. We will experiment with various ways to feel the connection to Spirit: anchoring peak experiences, meditating without “meditation,” and calling to the four directions.

December 2017

This month marks the culmination of our journey through the chakras! We will bring everything together, look back on our growth, and also take the opportunity to set our intentions for 2018.

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