Once you learn to open to life’s many invitations to find your center, you will find yourself actively desiring to go inward with little external prompting. This is a sign that you have grown familiar with your unique, signature energy—what is also known as “home frequency.” You recognize you feel your best and most authentic when you are attuned to who you truly are, and living in harmony with that truth.

The benefits of centering are countless, but here are some of the ones that really stand out when you begin your conscious relationship with your Brilliant System:

  • You are able to come home to yourself reliably and repeatedly over time.
  • You gain access to a bottomless, unconditional energetic source of well-being.
  • You can tap into internal guidance and trust it.
  • You develop an unconditional and stable sense of self acceptance and self worth that does not depend on any external sources of validation or measures of value.
  • You know how to hold your energy steady even under challenging internal conditions or external circumstances. This includes mastering the art of having uncomfortable conversations and drawing compassionate boundaries.
  • You understand what it means to hold space for yourself, and this translates into self compassion and self love.
  • You know yourself at a higher or deeper level.