With the changing of the seasons I’ve been spending more time tending my houseplants than my garden. I’ve been watching—with utmost patience—fallen leaves form new leaves from the wound. I’ve been seeing how new growth unfurls in a spiraling motion. I’ve been marveling at how new life depends upon the passing of the old, how the part always carries the potential expression of the whole. I’ve been spending a lot of time just sitting with my Brilliant System, breathing into the wholeness within, and trusting that the fuller expression of whatever is incubating internally will make its way into the light in perfect timing.

What new life have you been tending, inside and out? What has Nature been teaching you? What have you been learning from your breath? What paradoxes—the BOTH AND that are utterly true—are you able to hold in the expanse of your greater being? What is the promise of patience?


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