Been listening and observing and reconnecting and conversing and recentering and learning and processing. All I will say for now, to keep it brief, is that as a brown-skinned immigrant, I always felt somewhat like an outsider to US history and the country’s interracial dynamics. Yet in these past few days, that has shifted, and I feel more firmly ensconced as a naturalized citizen.

In the meantime, my garden has continued growing, as if nothing extraordinary were happening in the human realm. And why not? I’ve been passing this stand of snow peas at least four times a day, every single day, watching the flowers bloom. I said goodnight to them just last night while picking greens for dinner. And yet this morning I was surprised by a perfect pod. How these things form literally overnight mystifies me.

Some of the other plants in bloom: tomato, zucchini, eggplant, arugula, and jalapeño. And some of the ones that are bolting: cilantro, broccoli raab, and tatsoi. If I think too much about how sweet and beautiful they all are, I’ll never want to eat them.

Hope everyone out there is finding ways to stay in touch with the vital force that flows within everyone and everything, and so connects us all.


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