When I want to set a stronger intention for walking my highest path and I am not sure what that looks like, I connect with what it feels like. The easiest way I have found to do this was something that the Akashic Records taught me during a client session: connect with the future version of myself that has already gone through whatever experience I am moving through or intend to go through. It is a way of choosing your optimal timeline, if you will.

Yesterday I asked to connect with my future self who has already lived through the pandemic on the highest timeline available at this moment Now. Here’s how: Connect with your Akashic Records, or even simpler, breathe into your Brilliant System with intention and focus. Ask for your highest timeline to step forward, by which I mean that version of yourself who managed to get through this experience with as much presence and integrity as possible.

You can be more precise with whatever qualities and states of being you wish to embody, such as love, generosity, courage, joy, peace, etc. but don’t get too attached to the external form, since you want your physical mind to remain open to the higher mind‘s wisdom.

You will know when you’ve established a connection when the energy shifts. If you are visual, you might get an image, but I usually wait for a somatic response. For me it is usually an upwelling in my heart that dampens my eyes. YMMV and you might feel warmth or chills or something else, entirely.

At this point, breathe that connection in. Open heart and mind, all levels of your being, down to every cell and fiber of your body. You want to get to the level of your DNA because really you are bridging something you might feel is “out there” to something you already carry internally. You are imprinting as much as you are awakening memory.

Keep breathing that connection in. Remember its particular vibration. You are asking your future self to be your beacon in the coming months. You want to entrain to her vibration, match your energetic fields with hers, so you can eventually embody her way of being wholly. Going forward, you will follow the flow of her frequency, and ask yourself at every juncture if what you are thinking, feeling, and doing is congruent with her vibration or not.

If you would like to ask a question of your future self, you may do that, as well. But don’t get frustrated if you aren’t used to conversing with subtle flows of consciousness. What’s important is your intention and your attunement to how it feels to you, and then what you do with that energy in your life, how you ground and express it through the choices you make.

End the connection with gratitude, knowing that in doing so you are not shutting down the relationship, only bringing your sacred ceremony to a close. This can be a one and done, a daily practice, or something you do whenever you feel called.

Bear in mind, this is how my Akashic Records taught me, so this is how it is most effective for me (and anyone who resonates with my fields) to play with timelines. If you are inspired to modify this exercise, follow your own inspiration. That is your multidimensional self communicating the way that will work best for you.


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