2020 was the year my Instagram friend Lee and I hoped to meet each other in person, yet who knows when we’ll all be free to travel once more. The other day she mentioned she was going to spend time with her trees and in popped inspiration we both thrilled to: Could she please whisper my name to her trees and I would do the same with her name to the trees in my neck of the woods?

What ensued was magic, though a little different for each of us. I felt the heart field of the tree extend all the way out west when I whispered Lee’s name and told my trees of my friendship with her. The energy was so sweet and transfixing.

In this sacred time, make the most of the magic that is available in each and every moment. Instead of FaceTime, why not Tree Time? The trees know what’s up. So do the rocks and the grass and the waters. Instead of a constant stream of network news, why not plug into the Earth herself? She definitely knows what’s up.

All the energy I had felt swirling in my fields last week has been settling since I’ve taken all my worries to Nature. I’ve been walking on deserted trails, practicing my handstands, and cleaning up my garden. All of it brings immediate coherence, peace, and joy into my systems, as well as a different perspective on life.

So go take your worries, hopes, and questions to the trees. They’ve been watching you this whole time. They’ve been standing guard, doing their part. I like to make connections between different groves of trees I’ve known and loved. I tell them all about my friend the elm in NYC. I pass on coded messages from one stand to another. I’m not always privy to their tree language, but I am happy to participate however I can.

If you don’t have a tree nearby, you can do this with any plant. Share your breath with something green. You already do: your exhale is its inhale, your inhale its exhalation. You are simply bringing consciousness to a relationship that is already there. Once you feel steady in that connection, open heart and mind, all inner and outer senses to the plant and see / feel what happens. Don’t get attached to what / how it happens for others. This is your connection to treasure.


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