There is something new growing within you each and every day. Those changes may be minuscule and easily dismissed as stray thoughts or passing emotions. Seeds of disharmony, when ignored, tend to demand attention over time, and often erupt on the surface via physical symptoms to call your attention.

During grad school, when I ignored my stress levels, my hair started falling at an alarming rate. That, and a dozen other things going wrong with my body, finally woke me up to the fact that stress is not something I could just “live with.” Those seeds of stress were looking to be healed, and got as demanding as they needed to get for me to do something about them.

Some seeds are of the quieter sort. They may even be buried so deeply that you have no idea they’re there—seeds sown long ago, maybe in childhood, and then abandoned or forgotten so you could “get real” about life. Imagine what garden might be grown if you gave those seeds and seedlings enough water, enough light, enough air, and enough warmth every single day.

These quieter seeds, when ignored, have a dampening effect on the senses that seems to deaden the soul. Life feels hollow from here. But it only means you aren’t plugged into its juiciest marrow. That burgeoning river of life hasn’t gone away. You’ve simply turned your back to it.

When we are off balance, nature offers immediate remedy. Think of how a breath of fresh air, a walk in the sunshine, feeling your feet in water or on grass, or even a cleansing thunderstorm can shift your state of being.

The concept of balance, as it is found in nature, is the foundation of my Landscape of Your Life sessions. When we journey to your inner landscape, you will be able to experience and explore what’s going on “under the hood,” so to speak, and receive guidance on how to bring your inner landscape back into harmony, either with an on the spot healing and / or “homework” to integrate those energies into your daily life. You will discover how you can best work with your natural being so you truly live in concert with the flow of life, rather than struggling against it or missing it altogether. 

Landscape sessions are highly interactive, going beyond what many people assume a “reading” or healing session is. My sessions endow you with skills to connect with your inner flow going forward, even if you do not already have an Akashic Records practice or intuitive / subtle energy training under your belt.

Contact me if you’re curious and have an inkling that your inner garden could use some tending or that you are ready to brave the wilds of your interior landscape.


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