Last week as I was calling out to the four directions, Great White Shark came in from the west. This isn’t the first time an animal has surprised me with its entrance into my sacred circle, but I admit it’s the first one to knock me off balance. Usually when a new animal comes in, I manage to ask what gift or lesson it brings, but when I saw the shark’s jaws and big black eyes coming at me, I said a quick thanks and shuffled quickly to the north direction.

Clients have asked me before what happens when a spirit animal comes in that kind of scares them, and I have guided them through the steps for integration. So here I am taking my own medicine. I’ve set up a shark’s tooth grid and have been sitting with shark in my meditations.

Shark brings the gifts of the peaceful warrior who keeps moving forward fearlessly in life—fearlessly yet not aggressively in the way humans interpret predatory shark energy. Shark remains in balance with the whole. That it is coming into my life right now tells me that this is my learning edge.

Anyone out there walking with shark energy? What messages and gifts does shark bring to you?

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