When I am too wound up and heavy-hearted to hear my inner guidance, I take to the trees and bring my favorite tree communicator with me. He found this funny birch that spoke of beaver energy—or should I say BEa-ver energy. I had been putting a lot of pressure on myself the past couple of days and the tree set me straight by connecting me with the very quiet, unhurried industry of the beaver, who is always simply just being itself, even as it creates great works of engineering that impact the entire eco-system around it.

A couple days ago Beaver came up in support of my new moon grid. I didn’t know how to align myself with beaver energy without falling back into old habits of workaholism.

Brian is always surprised by the clarity of the voice of the trees, and how distinct it is from his own manner of speaking—in both topic and diction. Yesterday he was tickled by how much of a joker the birch was, forcing the pun around BEavers BE-ing.

Nature is like that, though, very light in its being-ness. We have to match its lightness to hear it. Laughter inspires the flow of cleansing air and the lightness of being. Enlightenment is not about accumulating tons of knowledge and having a weighty intellect. That can be a rich part of your journey, but there needs to be balance with the body and the heart, so you can choose actions that are expansive towards others and in balance with the planet. Enlightenment is ultimately about being able to flow joyfully with all the knowingness that already swirls through you and around you via your Brilliant System. When you are in communion with creation, you can then speak, create, and take action in integrity with Self and in harmony with others.


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