Yesterday a question about balance popped into my mind, and it was interesting enough that I intended to carve out some time to sit with it, either in meditation or through the Akashic Records. Yet as soon as I started typing it out into my question journal—If balance always IS, what creates an experience of stability or precariousness in a point of balance?—I immediately started downloading the answer. Here is the message: “The point of balance in a dynamic situation is always changing.” There was the sense of riding a bike. “What gives you the ability to create the impression of stability in such a situation is the capacity to take in information using all your senses—what you see, hear, smell, feel, and intuit—and adapt accordingly.

“What creates precariousness in the situation is a desire to cling to a condition that has already shifted.” Here my awareness panned out from the physical example of biking into broader life situations where we are thrown off balance because of a refusal to accept What Is in the Now and cling to the old.

I was the brought back into my body awareness, feeling myself in a headstand. “You can create a greater sense of balance by building a stable foundation. From there, you can move more dynamically in other directions. Sometimes, however, stability is created in counter-intuitive ways.” Here I felt myself intree pose, creating counter-balance by rooting on one side of my body as the other half went the opposite direction. “Where in your life can you create greater balance by initially moving in the opposite direction of where you want to go?”

I share this experience not simply for the message transmitted—though it does flow quite beautifully with the lesson from the trees on human intelligence, always having to choose in the direction of balance with each step. Yet here also is a wonderful example of just how readily the answers we seek can come to us. Here I was thinking I would have to carve out some sacred time for myself to connect with higher wisdom. Yet as soon as we ask our questions, the answers move to us. It is the natural physics of call and response.

And here is where it circles back to the topic of worry. If we keep ourselves caught in the hamster wheel of worry, in the vibrational field of anxiety, it clutters up our energy fields so we can’t transmit and receive with as much ease, harmony, and amplification. When we learn to recognize worry and transmute it into flow, we clear our channels and experience our connection with All That Is. Knowing and support is all around us. This is what it means to live fully from the multidimensional self, the Brilliant System.

What are you willing to ask for? What are you willing to let go of in order to receive? Where can you move into greater balance in your life, and what do you need to release to experience it?Connect with your brilliant, multidimensional Self and learn the art of call and response with me! Contact me for details.


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