Spent yesterday with some trees, and it really felt like the woods were thick with knowing. There were some spots where the energy was so sweet and intense, I would just pause to take it in. There was one tree growing by a creek that I felt drawn to. Its energy wasn’t particularly palpable, but I just wanted to pause and ponder some of the questions that had been on my mind this weekend on nature intelligence vs. human intelligence. I was formulating a definition of intelligence based on one’s capacity to take in information and process that knowledge into a next step. I sent this into the field of the tree and was quite surprised to find myself in conversation with it.

It started by explaining how trees, like all aspects of nature, exist and grow in balance with the whole. They find the sun and the water effortlessly. They don’t have to “choose” the directions to send their branches and their roots. They move in the direction of nourishment, always in balance.

Humans, by contrast, are beings of free will. They must choose their direction at every step. They don’t move naturally in the direction of greatest nourishment because they aren’t always conscious the knowledge they need to take steps in alignment and balance.

I set forth an assumption: “So, we need to be more intuitive?” To which the tree kind of chuckled at me like, “Do trees need to be ‘intuitive’? We use our senses to find nourishment.” It explained how humans manufacture so much baseless fear and worry that it corrupts our ability to make balanced choices. So before we even begin to try to build up our intuitive muscles, we need to work on clearing out our fears, and then simply open our senses to What Is.

I spent the next few minutes of my hike in a bit of stupor—touched and grateful for the generous interaction, and also stunned by the new perspective.

There are so many threads here I want to weave into what I have been endeavoring to share about the Brilliant System and how our natural connection to the oneness of creation provides us everything we need—including answers to our most pressing, heart-felt questions.

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ingrid · January 13, 2020 at 7:51 pm

THIS POST. Gracias Ysette. This was spot on for me in my current state. I will, too, be with Tree and reflect on the medicine they have for me.

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