Yesterday I shared how I finally discovered what comes after ambition, and promised to unpack the admittedly elliptical answer that it was “peace.” One of the things I find most interesting about this peace is that it isn’t in the detached sense of “it’s all good, man, whatever happens, happens,” and I’m just being carried willy-nilly on this river of life.

That had been my assumption for some years, and probably why I kept myself separated from that peace for so long, even as I was taking steps to find it. In my Akashic Records journal from early 2017 I asked, “Does this mean my life will just be a series of present moments that don’t add up to anything?” No, of course not. This isn’t about “surrendering” and only being a passive observer or victim of circumstance.

This is the peace of engagement. It is grounded in the Earth and in the body, and ultimately at the very center of my being. This is how I stay present to the flows in myself and around me, and how I am able to find the most magnetic direction or at the very least the path of least resistance to discern my next step and receive any guidance or support I need to take it.

Engaged peace means fully committing to presence such that I notice as quickly as possible when some aspect of myself falls out of alignment and falls into old ruts of worry or frustration, or wishes to check out of challenging situations and flee to outmoded sources of comfort. The opportunity then is to find my center and rebalance.

This isn’t about constant “healing” and being vigilant about “transgressions.” It is much gentler than that. It is about relaxing into the natural Self that is always already strong, balanced, and expansive, and allowing all the goodness, guidance, and abundance of life in.

And what’s really funny is that from this strong, stable center, it really is all good, and whatever happens happens. But not because “God is looking out” especially for me, or because I lead an exceptionally charmed life. Any spiritual support I feel at any given time is because first and foremost I choose to hold my center. Living from this center—in the here and Now—is what we’re built for. All of us, no exceptions. It is the source of our mastery, even in great periods of mystery.

I am only beginning to scratch the surface of this paradoxical peace. More soon.


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