If you’ve been following along, we’ve been going into the visceral experience of mindfulness practice to see what the big deal is with “taking a breath.” Why do we do this and what “actually” happens? A couple days ago I invited you to see if you could hold the experience of being triggered right along with the natural spaciousness of your being. This gives you a chance to settle into experiencing WHAT IS with neutrality, instead of the mind’s tendency to judge things as good, better, best, or their opposites.

Today the invitation is to hold yourself in that field of spaciousness while investigating that flow of disharmony more deeply. So while you are anchored in the spaciousness, knowing the truth of that ground, you delve fearlessly, with your breath, into the disharmonious and ask, “What is here for me?” That is simply another way of asking, “What am I learning?” Or more pointedly, “Why is this showing up for me?” The objective is to approach this disharmony not as a cause of suffering or punishment, but as a gift. For this is the highest truth of whatever pain or discomfort coming your way. This cliche used to make me roll my eyes until, with repeated experience in my life / Akashic Records, and with the privilege of holding space for others, I gradually became convinced of its truth.

When you breathe into your Brilliant System, it cannot but pull you away from your habitual, external focus, and position your awareness more internally. Contrary to how that may sound, this is an expansive move. Instead of seeing yourself as a victim to the randomness or cruelty of the world around you, you start to understand your place (and your judgments) in whatever drama you perceive, near or far.

This is not an occasion to assign blame—not even on yourself. In the space of non-judgment you understand your agency and take responsibility for your ability to choose as you will. Why do I react this way? What other choice am I not taking and why?

In this space you might discover some surprising things about yourself. What keeps you hooked on certain dramas—feeling absolutely wronged, for example—may be the need or desire to be right, to feel righteous. How does that habit of mind keep you hooked? How does that tendency keep your heart/mind/soul constricted?

What are you discovering as you breathe into your disharmonious flows while anchored in your Brilliant System?


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