The Tarot of the Hidden Realm has one of my very favorite Hermit cards.

The crone has much to say, but let this post be a footnote to the last one because while I was thinking that the topic was kind of specific, a surprising number of people on Instagram and offline reached out to let me know that they, too, were feeling crone energy in their lives. These people ranged in age from their 20s to their 70s. How silly of me to have assumed that this universal, archetypal energy would not resonate with others.

It was a very nice reminder of how we are all connected, and how even in the times when I feel odd or out of step, that is just a self judgment that can keep me feeling isolated or misunderstood. If I share what I am going through in plain but honest terms, it will land somewhere with someone. There is no need to worry about “accessibility” because when I can zero in on the kernel of my own experience—not flitting about the surface and wrapping it in other people’s concepts to appeal to the most and offend the least—it has the paradoxical effect of resonating with others. That is the power of personal truth.


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