If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m gripped by the drama of my tomato patch. I’ve been watching this dynamic between hornworm and braconid wasp eggs all summer and it only hit me today that there is a connection to my Akashic Records work of late. Sometimes in my practice I receive different clients facing similar issues at the same time. When this happens it is always an opportunity for me to stop and reflect on wider energetic patterns and the personal learning for myself.

It is too early for me to write more explicitly on all this because the learning is still very much in progress. But I did want to reflect on how my on-the-job training has been supported by my in-the-garden “downtime.” Earlier this summer I was horrified to find one of these infested hornworms and promptly plucked it off a tomato plant and placed it on the ground, only to cause an army of ants to swarm it. This felt even more painful to watch, so I returned the caterpillar to my tomato, knowing that I was consigning it to a much slower death. Was that the kinder choice? I don’t know, but it felt less meddlesome.

In work and in life, what am I willing to face or not face? Can I witness the dynamics of life with equanimity? What is the relationship of dark/negative with light/positive? Do I see others as victims, or am I willing to take a higher perspective? Is the higher perspective a cruel one? Is Nature inherently heartless? How can I feel and know the love of Earth yet also behold the violence and destruction that is part and parcel of life? What is my role as an agent vs witness? How are my attachments or fears getting in the way of the flow and expansion of the light? What is the function of my client’s attachments and fears? How does darkness and restriction flow in service to this expansion?

So many questions unfolding their answers slowly over time.

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