A couple days ago I posted an image of a circumpunct, the symbol of a circled dot given to me in my Akashic Records a few years ago, along with the guidance that I needed to be much more focused on centering.

This winter when the spiral cycle of the Brilliant System came to my awareness—how we move from centering to mystery to mastery repeatedly through our lives—I asked why centering led to mystery. To my intellectual mind, centering should bring clarity of vision, certainty as to truths and next steps.

I’ve been waiting patiently for my answer, witnessing my life experiences along the way because I knew they, too, were parts of the puzzle. Last week, however, I got a tidy answer—“tidy” as in I heard the words describing concepts in a form that my intellectual mind could understand and accept: “You assume that when you center, you should get a snapshot of truth that brings clarity. Sometimes that is the case. But sometimes what you find when you center is motion. That is what your are finding now, and you don’t know where the motion is headed. That is how centering leads to mystery.”

I received the message and felt it was true, for this is what my meditation and Akashic Records practices have taught me: that when I sit in the stillness and learn to feel into it, it is never truly still. At the subtlest of levels there is always motion. Sometimes our deeper flow is not so obvious. We must slow down and let ourselves open to other levels of perception. Hence, why I have been revisiting my practice of doing nothing lately.

Today I drew this sacred geometry oracle card of change, and it seemed so apt. It is a circumpunct with sparkles of light around it. They remind me of the fireflies of summer, that blink in and out of visibility, never in the same spot for longer than a moment. To my eyes their movements are random, but what underlying patterns am I not seeing? Where are the fireflies headed? What beautiful designs are they tracing in the dark?


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