So let’s say life has given you an opportunity to shake things up a bit and find new ways of showing up in the world. Maybe this looks like more self determination in how you work. Maybe this looks like a total break from work. However it is for you, things become interesting once you start bumping into uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

For me it often sounded like “Well, that was a waste of a day. I did absolutely nothing. I didn’t even clean my place or cook something special or read for fun. Nothing.” Then the on-rush of guilt for time I will never get back, falling somehow behind in the race to improve myself on some front or other. Wasting a precious life and some notion of talent.

Welcome to freedom. Are you ready for it? Because if you aren’t, you can bet that you will soon enough find ways to get back into the comfortable little boxes that keep you feeling safe. I certainly did.

But if you begin noticing a cycle—if you keep returning to constriction and then finding yourself repeatedly restless for expansion—then you are being called for deeper learning on this front. Keep heading in the direction of expansion, noticing what keeps you constricted. Is it some sense of moral obligation? Financial worries? What fears are real, tangible, and immediate? What are actually fabrications of your ego?

Once you start heading down this path, you will have to find your own internal bearings. There are no role models for you out there. All the infomercials on being your own boss and leading the life you love is a whole lot of blah blah blah and chatter. No one has the formula for you but yourself. And this is entirely the point.

In my next post, I’ll share more on the nuts and bolts of “doing nothing,” and the energetic relationship to doing nothing that I’ve found to be the most heart-opening and expansive for the soul, so stay tuned!


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