Someone asked me for an Akashic Records reading on a relationship recently and at the very start, when I sent the other person’s name out into the akash, nothing pinged back. As a novice reader this used to freak me out, but I eventually learned that this simply meant we were running the less interesting track, asking the less productive question.

Usually this suggests we need to turn the focus firmly back on the self, but instead of jumping to conclusions, I kept the open mindof a beginner, and asked the Akashic Records to send me the real question at the heart of the matter. The answer surprised me: “Who feels the love?” Whenever the records send a question that stumps the mind, it’s a bit like throwing a wrench in the works. But it’s brilliant because if the sitter (and/or the reader, for that matter) is too much in her head, caught in preconceptions, entrenched in limited ways of thinking, new questions have the jolting effect of stopping that momentum and opening the possibility for redirection. New questions can even open the heart.

So in the moment the question arises, all of a sudden there is the curiosity of the child. What does this mean? Who feels the love? And then all of a sudden the client is transported to another time and place, or perhaps it is a timeless place, where she knows a mother and son, and recognizes herself in the mother, and the person in question in the son. “Past life,” “parallel existence,” or archetype? It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that she sees, feels, and understands how she brings the concerns of the mother for the son into her romantic relationships.

At the level of her soul, she chose to keep the mother as a distinct aspect of herself for now, to continue a mutual path of learning open, rather than folding that aspect back into the oneness. This, too, is a choice because it is not always about “releasing” or “integrating” in order to heal. Learning is also expansion, even when we take so-called “wrong turns” and apparent detours.

When she asked what she needed to look for in a relationship / what her ideal partner would be like, again the records replied, “Who feels the love?” Because if the one doing the loving is simply an aspect, an archetypal energy, then we draw to ourselves exactly the aspect or archetype that will draw out that dynamic. A worried mother will attract a wayward son, was the case in point.

Yet if we love from the wholeness of our being, then the relationships we draw to ourselves will not have the element of drama because we aren’t playing roles any longer. So this client’s “homework” was to continue taking down the boundaries between all the different aspects of her life, so she could continue to know herself as a whole being, rather than playing different roles in different contexts.

She ended the reading in laughter. She said she was frustrated at first because she wished I would “just give her the answers,” but she felt she learned so much, and that it all made sense in the new frame she was given.

The truth is, I feel like my clients do most of the work in our sessions. I might start us off or bring us back to the most productive line of inquiry, but I don’t try to dispense answers while the other person awaits direction. That is not my contract with the records. I am not a psychic hotline. I don’t specialize in the type of relationship readings that try to spy into the hearts and minds of others. I love working with clients who are willing to look into their own hearts and minds in order to take full responsibility for whatever is playing out in their lives.


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