Wasn’t sure if it made sense to have a Mystery and Mastery gathering this month since everyone’s schedule conflicted, but we rolled with it and ended up having an intimate group Akashic Records experience where everyone brought forward wisdom on moving past duality and living in the heart of paradox.

The spirit of play jumped in immediately, reminding us to have fun and keep things light. Then we got an energetic experience of flexible perspective: We felt what it was like for particles to pop in and out of existence here and there and everywhere. We felt ourselves spiral through a path of learning.

The duality that came up to be healed was around “progress” and the “primitive.” We felt our ancestors and future generations join in for the healing. The energy of progress showed up as an arrow compelled by a motivation and rushing toward a goal. We felt the energy on both ends, and there was a strong charge around desire at the end goal.

And then we really dug into the topic when the Records raised the questions: “What do you desire most in life? Is it a true desire? You will know it is a true desire if it doesn’t come from lack but the fullness of your being.” This brought on a profound upwelling of sadness, and when I asked what that was about, it was tied to the sense of surprise that there was any other way to tap into desire, other than through lack.

The image that came through to support us was of an old telephone switchboard, and they showed how we had the choice to unplug from lack and plug into fullness. When we plugged into fullness, we felt a torus field surround us, and noticed how we ourselves are the source of what we most desire. Whatever we think we’re seeking externally—security, for example—we actually source from ourselves. Like the Möbius strip, what is inside is outside is inside. (We truly are the heart of paradox.)

Then we learned how lack and fullness are another polarity that are actually connected as one. One the “back end” both lack and fullness were joined together, and plugging into lack was really just as valid a choice as plugging into fullness. And it is really that: a choice. Learning from lack has its time and place. Lack has its function. The question is whether we are done learning from lack and desire to learn from fullness.

What is it like to feel all your deepest desires totally handled, totally sourced from within? With this desired energy integrated, what beliefs, thoughts, and emotions can you let go of, and what new ones can come in? What doors can you now close? What doors come open? We anchored the vibration of having our desired plugged into fullness into every cell and fiber of our being so we could remember it as we moved forward.

There was also a lesson on focusing on the energy of our actions, rather than the actions themselves or their apparent outcome. The Records gave the example of giving money to someone on the train or the sidewalk. “Do you give out of pity or the spirit of generosity?” How do we unwittingly diminish the very people we wish to uplift by approaching them from the energy of lack and disempowerment?

We connected with our Higher Selves and asked to receive a concentrated packet of learning of all the times we had acted out of fear and lack, so we could integrate and complete that learning cycle and move on to learning from fullness. Then we sent that learning through all levels of spacetime and dimensions yet untold so others could tap into that vibration of fullness more readily, if they so wished.

What an amazing evening! So grateful to my lovely co-creators. In related news, I see how the stars aligned perfectly for this gathering to get me to the point of taking certain business decisions I had been stalling, against my inner guidance. I’m dreaming and scheming again!


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