I’ve been clearing some misconceptions around centering, and yesterday I invited you to practice being aware of what it is that you do automatically and instinctually when you center—not just externally, but energetically in the subtle realms of your brilliant system. In no particular order (for this is not a set, linear process), here is what I have noticed and clients have reported. Maybe some of it resonates with you.

CONSCIOUS BREATH: You take a breath in and a breath out. That is the physical description. What are you accomplishing with that breath? Apart from taking in oxygen, you might also sense yourself taking in life force. Some people notice they take in the new and blow out the old, or take in light and blow out the dark. Some people notice a grounding and expansion, or expansion and relaxation. Or it might be more about arriving at the Now moment. Your experience will vary because you are unique in all of creation, and each breath you take is in itself a singular event.

INWARD TURN: On the exterior this may take the form of closing your eyes (although I encourage you to practice with your eyes open, as well, so you can take this off the mat). What you are doing here is detaching from all external points of reference and plugging into your central channel, your inner flow.

COLLECTING OF SELF: Especially when you are feeling scattered, you might notice that you are gathering all your energy back at your core. Sometimes this actively feels like pulling away from people and situations, or detaching from thoughts.

HERE AND NOW: This is an extension of the collection of our energies. We might notice sensory input. We might even use our breath to detach from the past and the future and begin being with What Is.

BALANCE: In the here and now there is a point of balance that is always available. When we are in the flow it can feel as if we lock easily into this structure, our central pillar of light. When we feel challenged, this point can feel more unsteady, and it takes a bit more grace and skill to move with the flow.

HOLDING SPACE: Once you find that point of balance, you can begin creating a safe, expansive container for yourself. You are both holding and held, observer and beloved. You are not so much scanning your fields for disharmony, but letting whatever wants your attention to float gently to the surface of your awareness.

OPENING: As we let go of our grip on the external, the conditional, our everyday pressures, we begin to lighten and thus open and expand our fields to receive—energy attunements, guidance, and love.

Each of these pieces deserves its own deep dive, but I will pause here. If you are still feeling disconnected from everything I have described, let me remind you that you already do this at the level of your Higher Self. Even if all you are doing is taking one conscious breath. By bringing more awareness to it, and greater intention, you are inviting your lower mind to become your ally. This is how you build mastery.

Have I missed anything? If you have noticed anything else in our centering process that I have skipped over, please chime in below!


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