I’ve been writing about the brilliant system as the innate intelligence of everything in creation. No one is left out of this. We are all equally and uniquely brilliant. You might be thinking, “Well, if I’m so brilliant, why is my life kind of a mess? Where’s my brilliance now?”

My answer to you is that it has never left you. In fact, it is calling to you now. Everything you regard as a problem to be fixed is an invitation to engage your brilliant system, whether that be by centering, surrendering to mystery, or stepping into mastery. All the discomfort you feel is your resistance to the fullest expression of your brilliant flow.

Your flow will shepherd you through periods of light and dark, clarity and uncertainty, balance and reorientation. This is how you come to know who you truly are. And if you hold the intention of keeping to your center, even as it shifts with the tides of life, you will develop the stomach for motion. This is what it means to stand in equanimity, to be self-possessed.


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