Yesterday I launched my post series on the brilliant system, a phrase that started entering my awareness at the end of last year, and which I started writing about almost in spite of myself. (See my manifestation mantra series.) Back then it felt like “What the heck is the brilliant system and why do I keep mentioning it even though I barely know what it is?”

Recently I felt really slammed by a very intense energy, the kind where none of my usual tools for connection seem to work and I resort to really basic things like walking in the woods, crying, and breathing. I like to get almost comatose on my bed and let the Universe hold me and breathe through me because I just can’t anymore. Better still, I like to do this in my tub, where I can really feel and hear my heartbeat punctuate that breath. Here I am, God, living and breathing by your grace, with no effort on my part at all.

What I started noticing in this heightened space of awareness is parts of myself integrating: familiar pieces clicking together in new and different ways, unfamiliar aspects coming in as keystones. Lessons spelled out and blinking brightly, as on a neon marquee.

Then, a turning of the tide. More awareness flooding in, and I write and write and start revamping my whole website. I announce a new workshop. I am inspired! And I see everything from a new perspective.

I share this mini saga because it is at once the frame and content of the material that is coming through me right now around the brilliant system. When challenges come your way N O T H I N G is W R O N G. You find your center, you hold your energy steady, and you keep faith in yourself and in Divine Intelligence, of which you are an indispensable part. Then you let your brilliant system guide you through the mystery and inspire you to mastery.

I’ll be elaborating more on each of these stages—how to recognize them, how you are being called to connect to your brilliant system, and the gifts of accepting those invitations that come in the form of challenges. Stay tuned!


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