Several years ago when I started my garden I was surprised how much energetic support I had for it, considering the long line of indoor plants I hadn’t managed to keep alive. But once I opened to the idea of a hosta garden in our shady backyard, I found seemingly endless supplies of physical, emotional, and mental energy for planning and planting. I remembered how my grandmother would sing to her orchids, and I carried her memory in my heart as I too walked around my garden humming and talking to my plants.

Somewhere along the way I heard about the magical gardens at Perelandra and Findhorn and wanted to deepen my relationship with Mother Nature through co-creative gardening. But I thought it a daunting task. I alternated between the poles of control freak and lost child who just wanted Nature to spell out exactly what I should plant and where, without holding a firm intention in my own heart and mind of exactly what I wanted my garden to embody.

These past few months I’ve opened to a deeper understanding of what it means for me to be a co-creative gardener. I’ve started calling in the energies of my new garden and I am bowled over by the vision. It is a years-long project and will require a lot of planning and work up front. But I see how every bit of it can be delightful and fun!

The key for me was really locking into the exact feeling of the garden—not the scheme or the details of the plantings. How do I feel as I move through it? What becomes possible because this space exists? I see and feel it in my imagination and my dreams, and it is from that feeling (more than the images) that all details spring forth.

Above are the books I have first from my own collection, and below are the ones from my village library. I am envisioning a food forest with different spaces devoted to the five elements. This works well with my dolphin garden (another story for another time) that I’d already started.

Are there any other books / resources / inspiration you’d recommend?


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