Yesterday I started describing my annual process for setting a mantra and intention (not a “resolution”) for the new year. I have taught it cursorily before to Dreamers and Schemers, but the profundity of it opened up for me recently. And so this morning I realized that I will be spiraling around the topic over and over for the next few days to deepen into it. These are not simply informational posts but energetic transmissions. So take a breath right here, right now and connect to your inner knowing to feel how it resonates with you.

Bear in mind that this process sprung organically from the matrix of my life. By that I mean I did not read about the Law of Attraction to learn how to manifest whatever I want. The very notion of it made me roll my eyes. I was in the darkest period of my life when this inspiration came to me. And if it is a sign of some kind of inner genius, it is an inner genius we all possess—each and everyone one of us, without exclusion. It is an inner genius you possess.

The brilliant thing about life force is that it will meet you wherever you are and lift you up. My inner flow and the larger flow of life showed me, ever so gently, how to stair-step my way out of grief and burnout to self care and surrender to reconnecting with play. And that happened in just half a year. The following year I learned gentleness, self compassion, and self love. The year after that I developed self trust and came to know my inner teacher. And this last year I committed to living in the Now and continually stepping into the unknown. I had asked for magic, and gotten it in spades, but now I see that the true gift was self-empowerment and self-mastery.

The magic is in me. And it is in you here and now. You can start connecting with it immediately. This isn’t about getting “good enough,” or worthy enough, or knowledgeable enough. When I started I didn’t know anything about “raising my vibration.” That wasn’t a phrase in my vocabulary. This is not an aspirational practice where you reach for your biggest dreams and get there by strategy and hard work. Remember, I started it when I felt I was at my weakest. Neither is this an airy-fairy promise that things will simply work out. This is not a feel-good message.
This is an experiential, transformational tool. And here is the bottom line:

I showed up for life.

I showed up for life.

I showed up for life.

This gentle process is about dropping into your deepest core to find the flow and discover where it wants to go. Then you follow it, trusting that the flow of life that moves through All That Is will meet and harmonize and uplift your flow. You keep breathing yourself into alignment when you fall out of integrity. And, yes, life will bring you tremendous gifts, which is another way of saying that you will receive the gifts you give yourself.

I will be elaborating more on this living meditation in the days to come and I hope you join me!


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