Loving nature

I was so inspired by a conversation with a new friend the other day. She had a lifelong career as an environmentalist, doing work she was passionate about. Yet upon retirement she realized she had somehow missed the mark in terms of fulfilling her purpose: “There’s a difference between doing environmental work and loving nature. They are not the same. If you think about it, there are a lot of environmentalists who are fighting the good fight, but it’s fighting.” She was especially conscious about the perception of the environmentalist as some sort of “white knight” out to “save the world.”

Now in her golden years, my friend finds herself spending as much time outdoors as she can, simply for the love of it, simply because she is pulled there. She can’t not be outside, unless smoke from forest fires prevent her from breathing well, which they have. That said, she no longer views the Earth as something that needs saving. Instead, she looks to Mother Earth as a teacher.

And this is what we bonded over, our parallel paths from the world of the intellect, to forced bed rest, through the dark night of the soul, to this feeling of being reborn and learning how to be in the world in completely new ways.

Earlier this week I reconnected with the tree that almost a year ago helped open my heart to the fact that I am and always have been connected and seated as an equal at the round table of creation. Only in retrospect, over time, have I understood the profundity of this initiation. While I have always begun my energy work with my connection to the Earth, this past year Nature has been showing up in everything I do. No matter how deep “into” the Akashic Records I go, Gaia supports that connection.

I have been overjoyed to partner with her more consciously through the year, and I am so excited to bring these energies to all who feel called to work with me moving forward. There’s a lot cooking, but a great entry point into this work is to check in with the landscape of your life so you can tend your inner garden or soak in the wildness of your true nature. It will be beautiful. It will be brilliant. And it will be fun!

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